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Aggregate & Quarry Association

Technical & Planning


The AQA engages with local and central government on planning issues, specifications and sustainability issues; and it works and cooperates with other industry organisations on behalf of the quarrying and aggregate sector. The Technical Committee includes members from the wider industry and is also represented on several external committees in the roading, asphalt and concrete sectors.

The Technical Committee’s role is to improve the technical knowledge of New Zealand aggregates for our members and users of our products and assist members to attain best practice in complying with operational, environmental and regulatory requirements. Some content which you can find in the members only section, is listed below. 


The purpose of the Planning Committee is to provide advice to members and the AQA Board on policy and planning issues relating to the establishment, consenting and operation of quarries and the production of aggregates, lime and other materials.

AQA currently submit on all regional and district plans and encourage all of our members to submit on those plans that affect them. To assist you we have made a document - Key points relating to quarries for use in submissions on resource management policy and district plans, find it in the members only section. 

The Guideline document is designed to assist members in preparing submissions on regional or district plans, and preparing development applications or similar Resource Management applications. It contains key points designed for members to be able to cut and paste into submissions on resource management policy, district plans etc. Please use these key points, as relevant, in your submissions.

About quarrying in New Zealand

Using Aggregate

Aggregates are the most consumed bulk product in the world after water. New Zealand uses 9-10 tonnes of aggregate every year for each adult and child.

Building NZ

To build an average house, you need about 250 tonnes of aggregate - for use in concrete, asphalt, mortar and building products.

Our Community

The quarry industry is committed to working alongside local communities and follows stringent planning, environmental and operating conditions.

Affiliated Organisations