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Aggregate & Quarry Association

Rock Our Future Competition

Students were tasked to develop a process for producing aggregate in a quarry without using fossil fuels

The Brief 

You have been hired by a quarrying company called Big Rock Solutions. The company is an established aggregate producer keen to develop sustainable quarrying practices and find innovative ways of solving problems. They are currently exploring the problem of what to do when energy produced by diesel and coal (both non-sustainable energy sources) runs out. The solution, they believe, lies in eco-power: using the Earth’s natural forces to generate the energy for running vehicles and crushing plant.


Design a solution for the production of aggregate, including crushing plant, and mobile vehicles such as loaders, excavators etc. for the 21st Century.

Entries now closed for 2019.

Entires are now closed. Judging is currently taking place, with winners to be announced at the Quarry Industry Dinner in October 2019.

About quarrying in New Zealand

Using Aggregate

Aggregates are the most consumed bulk product in the world after water. New Zealand uses 9-10 tonnes of aggregate every year for each adult and child.

Building NZ

To build an average house, you need about 250 tonnes of aggregate - for use in concrete, asphalt, mortar and building products.

Our Community

The quarry industry is committed to working alongside local communities and follows stringent planning, environmental and operating conditions.

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